Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us.

We aim to collect and process your personal information in accordance with the GDPR and the UK’s Data Protection Act of 2018. This document details the information We collect and how we manage and use the data we collect. It is in our best interest to maintain high levels of professionalism and your privacy is an extremely important aspect of this.

We will inevitably update this document. The latest update of this Privacy policy was done on the 2nd of April 2020.

This Privacy Policy sets out our commitment to protecting the privacy of your personal information that we collect through this Website or directly from you.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

You providing us with personal information indicates that you have had sufficient opportunity to access this Privacy Policy and that you have read and accepted it.

If you do not wish to provide personal information to us, then you do not have to do so, however it may affect your use of this Site or any products and services offered on it.

1. Sourcing health information:

We aim to collect health information exclusively from prospective clients who want to make use of our paid physiotherapy services. However, if the client is under 18 years of age, we will require a parent or legal guardian to provide health information, personal information and make payments on behalf of the client.

2.    Two forms of data likely to be required and when:

2a. Personal contact Information:

When contacting us or submitting a question via the website you are asked to provide name and email address.

You will need to provide a name and email address to us if you choose to subscribe to our newsletter or blog posts. 

When purchasing any form of paid service from the website you will be required to provide us with contact and personal information to assist in the process of carrying out the service effectively. This information is dependent on the service type but we are likely to need you name, email, phone number and possibly a billing address and skype name.

When purchasing physiotherapy services or other products from the Website, you may also provide sensitive and confidential payment information. All payments are processed through secure payment systems through Wix or via PayPal website and we do not ask for or store any account number or card details on our website.

It may be the case that we use Skype for a video consult. In that case we will need your Skype ID  Skype is a product of the Microsoft Company and you can read their privacy policy here. Skype has certified its compliance with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework and the Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield.

We may use Zoom for video consultations. All Zoom-to-Zoom voice calls, video calls, file transfers and instant messages are encrypted. You will have to provide some personal information to Zoom when you register an account and you can read their privacy policy here. Zoom participates in and has certified its compliance with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework and the Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield. They are also GDPR compliant.

It may also be the case that we use WhatsApp. All WhatsApp voice calls, video calls, file transfers and instant messages are encrypted. You will have to provide some personal information to WhatsApp when you register an account and you can read their privacy policy here. They are also GDPR compliant.

2b. Health information

We are going to require health information to enable us to conduct effective and safe services. This will be in the form of an online questionnaire and/or voice and/or video call which are used to gain knowledge of previous medical history, a diagnosis of your issue and for the formation of treatment protocols. Such information may take the form of:

  • your personal details such as your name, age, and gender.

  • Some background information about your current health service providers and GP. We are also likely to ask about current or past symptoms, injuries, diseases conditions or disabilities.

  • Sometimes we need details about past operations, treatments received, and treatment programmes undertaken, allergies and medications.

  • Information about your family medical history where relevant to your own condition 

  • When necessary we may ask for details about medical investigations e.g. x-rays, MRI, ultrasound, blood tests etc.

  • And of course, our opinion on your condition or indury and the ideas we have for your rehabilitation or treatment.​

3. Your information will not be used for:

Basically anything we dont detain below in points 4 and 5.

It wont be sold or lent out to anyone for any reason. Your personal information and your health information will be used for the purposes detailed below to enable us to conduct our services to you. 

4. Use for personal data

Health data:

- We use your health information for the process of providing services. In the assessment and treatment processes of conducting our services and in the contacting you to arrange the service

- We may use you information of injury/condition for business purposes like which direction to take the business and how to pursue certain areas of business.

- The health information we gather from you with be used to deal with any form of complaint from you as a user of RUNFIT Physio.

- In the case we need to provide details to our liability Insurer about your health situation we are obiliged to do so. As we will need to if we are in the event of needing legal advice for the purpose of defence of a claim related to you.

Contact and personal information

Used for:

- Responding to any questions and queries from you as a customer

- Providing information to you as a subscriber to the newsletter of blog

- To enable us to provide our services to you.

- To assist in recovering any debts owed by you for services we have provided

- If the company is sold/merged/altered in some way your information is part of the package we would be dealing with so you would be contacted and advised if this were to happen.

5. Information security:

We will take reasonable technical and organisational precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information, and to prevent unauthorised access, modification or disclosure of your personal information. Payment information is processed by secure servers hosted by PayPal and

5.   Unsubscribe

To unsubscribe from our e-mail database, or opt out of communications, please contact us at the details below.

6.  Storage and Security

We are committed to ensuring that the information you provide is secure.

For any questions or notice, please contact us at: