Frequently asked questions:

What are the benefits of having physiotherapy online compare to normal physio?

Online physio gives you the opportunity to have physio sessions whenever and wherever you want, for a fraction of the normal cost. This service is extremely well suited for people with busy schedules or those who have difficulty getting to physio clinics. Not only is it more convenient but we are significantly cheaper. By no means does that mean you get less out of online physio, we simply dont have the same costs involved in delivering the treatment so we pass that onto our clients.

Online physio is also much more supportive following your physio session with ongoing support when you need it.

How does Runfit Physio work without any hands on assessment or treatment?

As with any session you have with a healthcare professional, the subjective interview at the beginning is the most important part. Most good clinicians with have a good idea of the diagnosis and what management is required, following this part of the assessment.
If further physical assessment is required, we can easily take you through this on the video call.

Is my injury suitable for an online physio consultation? 

In short, yes. Research has shown that online consultations for the vast majority of musculoskeletal (muscle and bone/joint) injuries is equally effective as going into a clinic. 
If we determine that you need to go and see a physiotherapist in clinic, we will have no hesitation to help direct you and give you a full refund for your session.

Do I need a referral to use Runfit Physio?

No. You simply need to pick a time which suits you and you can get started with your road to recovery.

Which video technology do I need to have to a consultation with Runfit Physio?

We tend to use an online video platform called ZOOM as its easy to use and effective for our purpose. However, we are flexible and can use another form of video call if you prefer. This can be organised following booking via email.

How do I pay?

We use a super secure payment system. Payment will be made prior to the session when you are booking in.

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